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Planning Applications


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What makes a good planning application comment?

The best comments are those that relate to the planning framework.

Some reasons you could use:

  • Layout and density of the building (i.e. accommodation for too many people)

  • Over-development of the site

  • Loss of light or overshadowing (relevant for immediate neighbours)

  • Overlooking / loss of privacy (relevant for immediate neighbours)

  • Visual amenity (e.g. removing the chimneys)

  • Adequacy of parking (relevant for those living in the same road)

  • Traffic generation (relevant for those living in the same road)

  • Noise and disturbance resulting from use

  • Effect on listed building and conservation area

  • Landscaping (loss of trees / any green garden)

  • Design, appearance and materials

N.B. You can’t object on the basis that the development will reduce the value of your own property.

Please comment (in favour or against) whenever you can as this helps Council Planners support residents' views.


If you have planning application questions of your own, check out the interactive house on the Planning Portal website (remember, we're in a conservation area).

Conservation Area Guidance

Living in our Conservation Area

What it means to live in our East India Estate

Satellite Dishes

Council Planning Briefing

Planning & strategic management at the council

Jul 2021

East India Estate Conservation Area map

How do I submit my comment?

 on the relevant application below

For appeals, next select

Fill out the form and Submit

Council Planning Briefing

Applications in H.O.M.E Roads


19 May 2024

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Previous Applications​
A history of planning applications dating back many years can be found on the Croydon Council Planning Pages.

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