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The H.O.M.E Residents’ Association (RA) exists for


H.O.M.E steering committee virtual meeting Summer 2021
H.O.M.E steering committee virtual meeting Summer 2021

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Residents with the Safer Neighbourhood Team
Residents with the Safer Neighbourhood Team

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HOME 15th Birthday
HOME 15th Birthday

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H.O.M.E steering committee virtual meeting Summer 2021
H.O.M.E steering committee virtual meeting Summer 2021

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Or want to know what you can & can't do in our conservation area?


Special Messages

Traffic matters Jul 2021

After 5 years of ongoing talks with the Council, no material changes have been made to improve the traffic volume on our roads and the associated risks...

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HOME clean-up Oct 2021

On Saturday 2nd October, HOME residents and our councillors made a special effort to clean up our area with equipment provided by the council...

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Planning Aug 2021

Croydon Council gave a presentation to H.O.M.E and other RAs covering various aspects regarding planning and strategic management set up at the Council at the moment...

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NOISE! updated Sep 2021

Having issues with noisy neighbours (like loud music)?

Take a look at the Council's guidance for steps you can take to resolve and involve the council...

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Exercise Street


On some weekend days* Elgin Road will be closed to traffic from 2pm to 4pm and will become our Exercise Street.

For more info and photos from this and other H.O.M.E events click here.


The future dates will be advertised on Facebook Elgin Road Marvels here.

You can find more details in the promotional flyer here

For the official notices of road closure from the council click here and here.

*We may switch the event to Saturday/Sunday if rain threatens. You will find updates on the Elgin Road Facebook group here.

Suspended during the pandemic.

Excerise street

A low traffic environment

Since the changes in 2017 to the traffic flow in our neighbouring roads, H.O.M.E roads have suffered from increased traffic and a group of residents have worked hard in getting the Council to take action to make our roads less busy, noisy and polluted. For the latest information please click here.

Meanwhile while COVID-19 may make public transport less attractive we are looking for schemes which are possible and which would promote our well being and bring back the previous low traffic environment.

low traffic environment

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