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Who are we?

The H.O.M.E Residents’ Association (RA) exists for the benefit of the residents in:

Havelock Road, Outram Road, Mulberry Lane, Elgin Road, Ashburton Road, Ashburton Gardens, Ashburton Close and the bounding Addiscombe Road and Lower Addiscombe Road.

We aim to preserve, conserve and improve the environment in our roads.

The committee meets throughout the year and keep residents up-to-date with activities via flyers, newsletters, twitter and facebook.

Our Success Story

In 2004 there was a planning application to demolish an old Victorian house in Havelock Road and to build a block of 12 flats, boundary to boundary and stretching half the way down the garden, on the site. Many residents objected to the application and this led directly to the creation of H.O.M.E RA.


On 31st March 2008, our roads were designated part of the East India Conservation Area - as a result of objections to a planning application at 40-42 Elgin Road.

Image by João Lucas Stutz

Special Messages

New to Addiscombe?

Or want to know what you can & can't do in our conservation area?

H.O.M.E Clean-up

4 February 2023

From 10.30 am.
Come along to 29 Ashburton Road and join the fun!

New Year Quiz

13 January 2023

At the Builders Arms pub, 8 pm.
Register yourself/your group

Have your say

9 January 2023

Do you have any issues you would like discussed?

Next Committee Meeting Monday 9th January

Covid info:

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