Neighbourhood Watch


Only active H.O.M.E members (ie annually subscribed in the year) are considered to be actual Neighbourhood Watch (NW) members. NW members also receive 3 newsletters from CBNWA and forwarded emails from the Safer Neighbouhood Team(SNT) and Trading Standards (as appropriate).

If you're interested in joining the Neighbourhood Watch, please contact Melanie ( mentioning Neighbourhood Watch in the subject line and supplying your name and address so that a membership form can be delivered to you to complete.

Remember: dial 101 to contact the police  (in an emergency dial 999)

For advice on crime prevention - click here

Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association regularly update their website with the latest information and updates, so please check it on a regular basis here:

The Police have a new app for reporting crimes - it's called Self Evident and available on the Apple Store or Google Play

The Police have a new website where you can view the crime statistics and more for Addiscombe East:

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