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Only active H.O.M.E members (ie annually subscribed in the year) are considered to be actual Neighbourhood Watch (NW) members. NW members also receive 3 newsletters from Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association (CBNWA) and forwarded emails from the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and Trading Standards (as appropriate).


If you're interested in joining the Neighbourhood Watch, please fill in the form or contact Melanie ( mentioning Neighbourhood Watch in the subject line and supplying your name and address so that a membership form can be delivered to you to complete.




updated Sept 2021

Having issues with noisy neighbours (like loud music)?

Take a look at the Council's guidance for steps you can take to resolve and involve the council (if required).

You can contact Croydon Council regarding noise at:

Their office hours are now standard office hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and they no longer operate a 24hr telephone hotline (due to budget cuts).

They do seem to respond quickly via email and that if the noise issue is remotely regular, they will open a case and send you a form to update with details and may include a sheet to log the events. You are encouraged to keep an audio recording of noise issues and keep a detailed log - when it started, when it finished, the impact it has had on you. Ideally try to find out if there are other neighbours who have been affected by the noise and get them to do the same.

If you have a log with a few events on it, but need help making a proper audio recording for noise events outside office hours, let us know by emailing

One of our members is an audio expert and has offered to help if cases progress this far without resolution.

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