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Traffic on H.O.M.E roads


Those of us who have lived here for a while will have noticed the increase of through traffic on our roads, with all the unpleasant associated impacts of noise, pollution and increased collisions. Look out of your window and you will probably see heavy goods vehicles, delivery vans, motorbikes and plenty of other traffic, all using our roads to rat run between Addiscombe and Lower Addiscombe Roads. 


It wasn’t always so busy. In the last five years, there have been two nearby schemes which have protected other residential roads (Lebanon Road, Addiscombe Court Road and Canning Road) but displaced large volumes of northbound traffic onto our roads. Elgin Road now has heavy night time traffic, being the first available northbound route between here and Cherry Orchard Road. 


Over the past 3 years, H.O.M.E Residents Association has worked hard to bring this to the attention of the Council, whose policy is not to increase traffic on residential roads, but rather to create healthy and safer streets that encourage more walking, improving air quality and reducing the number of short car journeys that could be walked, cycled or taken on public transport. There has been a string of community meetings and we have been working with our councillors and our MP, Sarah Jones. The Council is now exploring a project to restrict northbound traffic on our roads, with an initial assessment being undertaken by a consultant, report to be made available by May 2020. The aim is to create a village feel across Addiscombe, keeping as much traffic on the main roads as possible whilst encouraging people to use other modes of transport. 


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In 2016 H.O.M.E RA together with 14 other resident associations in Addiscombe and Shirley sent a letter to Croydon Council Chief Executive, to request a meeting with her and TFL. This was in response to considerable concerns regarding the impact of the piecemeal changes to traffic management in East Croydon and the implications of future development in Central Croydon on traffic in the area. To view the letter click here.


The requested meeting took place in March 2017 and marked the beginning of our efforts to protect our environment.


Dispite our efforts, meantime, at a meeting in February 2017 decisions were made by Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) that led to Canning and Addiscombe Court Roads becoming No Entry from Addiscombe Road in January 2018. 

For H.O.M.E RA's report on the TMAC meeting of 8th February 2017 click here.

To see an article published in the Croydon Advertiser click here.


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