The H.O.M.E Residents’ Association (RA) exists for the benefit of the residents in Havelock Road, Outram Road, Mulberry Lane, Elgin Road and Ashburton Road/Gardens/Close. It aims to preserve, conserve and improve the environment in the H.O.M.E roads as well as in outlying areas that have an effect on our area.


Everyone who lives in H.O.M.E roads is automatically a member of the RA. The RA committee meet six times a year and distribute a newsletter at least three times a year, to keep residents up to date with its activities and to invite them to social events.


Our Success Story

In 2004 there was a planning application to demolish an old Victorian house in Havelock Road and to build a block of 12 flats, boundary to boundary and stretching half the way down the garden, on the site. Many residents objected to the application and this led directly to the creation of H.O.M.E RA.


On 31st March 2008, our roads were designated part of the East India Conservation Area - as a result of objections to a planning application at 40-42 Elgin Road.

Special Messages

Croydon Voluntary Action


Croydon Voluntary Action are trying to collate information about community support for people at this difficult time. For a list of organisations offering support, contact details if you need help or how to volunteer visit the website - click here. 


To donate or receive donations of food or household goods please email Hilary.bell@cvalive.org.uk and connectwellcroydon@cvalive.org.uk or call 020 8253 7076.

Horrendous accident has happened on Friday night, 11.6. on our roads. Three fire engines were called. We have been warning about this and have had many meetings with the Council since 2018, the latest one on 2nd June, with Cllr Muhammad Ali, Croydon Council Cabinet Member and  Chair of Traffic Management Advisory Panel. We have asked our councillors Maddie Henson and Jeet Bains as well as our MP Sarah Jones to act on our behalf. People will die unless THEY take action. Hopefully that hasn’t happened last night.

Covid Updates from our MP

To view all updates please click here.

A low traffic environment


Since the changes in 2017 to the traffic flow in our neighbouring roads, H.O.M.E roads have suffered from increased traffic and a group of residents have worked hard in getting the Council to take action to make our roads less busy, noisy and polluted. For the latest information please click here.

Meanwhile while COVID-19 may make public transport less attractive we are looking for schemes which are possible and which would promote our well being and bring back the previous low traffic environment.

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Facebook Group
H.O.M.E has its own Facebook group! Click on the image below and Join Group or visit facebook.com/groups/homera

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Join The Cleanup Gang

Every odd month, (Jan, March, May etc)
on the fourth Sunday, 11am to 1pm.

Meet outside #4 Wavell Court, Elgin Road, (opposite Elgin Nursery).

Thank you to Tim for organising these events, the equipment from the council and for the tea afterwards. 

Any questions contact Tim on 07528 570 058.

Suspended during the pandemic.

Exercise Street


On some weekend days* starting with Saturday 21st June Elgin Road will be closed to traffic from 2pm to 4pm and will become our Exercise Street.

For more information and pictures from this and other H.O.M.E events click here.


The future dates will be advertised on Facebook Elgin Road Marvels here.

You can find more details in the promotional flyer here

For the official notices of road closure from the council 
click here and here.

*We may switch the event to Saturday/Sunday if rain threatens. You will find updates on the Elgin Road Facebook group here.

Suspended during the pandemic.

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