Stronger Community Partnership Meeting

The meeting was attended by 4 interim representatives on behalf of all 57 known RAs of Croydon. This Board has been led by Mark Watson – and has on it representatives of various groups and interests from around the Borough, such as voluntary sector, faith groups, tennants … including Offices, Councillors, Police Commander, the Chief Executive etc. The remit of this board is a bit unclear. It was felt it is a lip service to say that the Council is consulting the community. After the meeting, the four representatives stated that they cannot claim to be truly representative and that there is a need to form Croydon Residents Group Forum – to aid Networking across Croydon. The meeting of groups was held in February – both Norman and Mira attended. Since then, a steering group of 6 have met twice – the purpose being to consolidate lists of groups, to share best practices and concerns, to work out what would be the purpose of such forum. I represent the Addisocmbe Planning Group of 12 residents associations, including HOME. Meeting of all the groups is planned in May.

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