Planning legal framework meeting

Big wigs of Planning and the cabinet. Jason Perry is the Chair. There will be a presentation on Local places of interest and the new way we could influence the policy.
I went to this meeting. It was a "Local Charter Appraisal Workshop" for detailed policy development with Residents Associations. To define policies for each of the 16 places in terms of character and role. It was well attended but most of the RAs represented were from the South of the borough. The workshop divided us into 4 groups of 4 places which left Chris (from RECC) and me with one of the council planners. The planner wanted our local knowledge and residents' feelings about what should and shouldn't be developed, where boundaries lay, what was in character and out of character and stuff like that. All the RA were also told about General Permitted Development Orders (GPDOs). These are the new allowable 8 meter extensions. The key message was get residents to comment. The comments had to come from those with a shared boundary and be within a 21 days limit. Only then could the council planners get involved. If they did get involved they would revert to the 3 meter limit. Ellen

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