HOME in Bloom Competition

The judges looked at about 20 front gardens this year. It was a hard decision to come up with our favourites in each category – we ‘awarded’ 12 certificates on the way round – some to people whose gardens had been nominated and also to some un-nominated gardens that we particularly liked as we went round.
The winners are:
HOUSE category: 26 Ashburton Road. This traditional garden is beautifully maintained – considerable time and massive on-going effort have gone into producing a colourful and varied display which is a delight to the eye.
FLAT category: June Rose House, Havelock Road. This front garden is a tranquil, secluded area which affords a quiet space for the residents to enjoy. It has a variety of planting and the judges liked the pale, calm colour scheme.
SPECIAL MENTION: 20B Elgin Road. This small front garden is a riot of colour from careful and well planned planting, mainly in large pots. A newly established garden which has involved the owner in a lot of hard work. It enhances the road.
Congratulations to the winners and huge thanks to the organisers.

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